The earliest community in the boundaries of Jeffersonville was called Sandy Bottom, incorporated as Raines’ Store on September 3, 1828. Raines’ Store was changed to Jeffersonville in 1849. The Georgia Legislature approved an Act on February 11, 1850 authorizing the removal of the Twiggs county seat from Marion to a place on lands owned by Mr. Henry Solomon that is now the City of Jeffersonville. Citizens elected T. S. Jones as the first Mayor in 1901. Days later, on Wednesday night, February 6, 1901, the Twiggs County court house in Jeffersonville burned to the ground, destroying all the records. First erected in Marion, then moved to Jeffersonville, that two-story building was constructed of very heavy timbers and had been recently renovated. The fire was visible from Macon over twenty miles away. The second Mayor, John Carey Shannon, finished his term in office in 1912.

On Saturday night, April 25, 2010, Jeffersonville’s public library burned to the ground. A new library on Main Street opened its doors in 2013. The distinction of Longest Serving Sheriff goes to Sheriff Earl Hamrick who served Twiggs County and Jeffersonville for 48 years behind the badge. A marble marker on the courthouse lawn honors him as the nation’s longest-serving sheriff. In 1962 Jeffersonville’s Volunteer Fire Department became first Volunteer Fire Department certified by the State of Georgia. At a Golden Anniversary reception at City Hall on August 20, 2012, State Representative Bubber Epps presented a State Proclamation to the firefighting team. Jeffersonville’s economy has historically been agriculture-based, but more recently, Academy Sports and other light industry have broadened the economic base and made good neighbors. Jeffersonville, a rural community blessed with pastures, ponds, and charming tree canopied vistas, is home to people of diverse backgrounds and faiths, handsome buildings of worship, and downtown business opportunity.  This historic town of just under 1,000 residents is conveniently located at the geodesic center of the State of Georgia.