The City of Jeffersonville is pleased to announce the release of its newly redesigned website at www.cityofjeffersonville.org.  This new website was designed to more effectively provide information to residents, businesses and visitors to Jeffersonville. The new website has a number of important new features, including a responsive design which allows the site to adapt to the users device, providing mobile navigation and a comparable reading experience whether you visit the site on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.  In addition, the site features an RSS feed, that allows visitors to sign up to receive news and information directly in their email or in their favorite feed reader.

The City’s new website was developed in partnership with the Middle Georgia Regional Commission (MGRC), a regional planning organization that supports community and economic development through service to its member local governments and partner agencies.  “A quality web presence is essential as it is increasingly the primary means for visitors to obtain information about your organization and the services you offer,” said Nick Kouloungis, Director of Technology Services at the MGRC.  “Our approach for designing the website was to ensure that it was easy to use and provided visitors with their desired information as efficiently as possible.”