Business licenses for the City of Jeffersonville expire September 30th of each year. Please stop by City Hall and speak to the city clerk to renew your license for the 2014-2015 business year. The State of Georgia now requires business owners to fill out affidavits attesting their immigration status. These affidavits must be notarized.

Affidavit O.C.G.A § 50-36-1(e)(2)

  • This must be filled out by every business owner. A secure and verifiable document must be presented along with this affidavit. Examples are: passport, passcard, Driver’s License, federal, state or local ID cards, school ID’s with photograph, and military ID’s.

Affidavit O.C.G.A. § 36-60-6(d)

  • This must be filled out by every business owner who has employees. If the employer has ten or fewer employees, only fill out section 2. If the employer has more than ten employees, they must fill out sections 2 and 3 which requires a Federal Work Authorization User Identification Number. For more information please visit www.uscis.gov/everify.